Case stories are an important element of the Project ECHO® process, enabling the chance to learn from one another through the sharing of experiences and knowledge. Please give some thought to challenges you are experiencing or have already overcome that we could discuss as a group, guided by our expert Hub Team. If a case does not come to mind yet, our meeting presentations may surface ideas later. The cases may align with the current meeting topic or previous meeting topics. Please use this Project ECHO as a conduit to a group consultation with our Hub Team of experts as well as a large group of experienced peers who may have experienced similar situations. "All teach, all learn!"

PLEASE NOTE that Project ECHO® case consultations do not create or otherwise establish a provider-patient relationship between any clinician and any patient/client whose case is being presented in a Project ECHO® setting. While the case consultations may offer recommendations regarding effective evaluation, care, and treatment options, these represent recommendations only. Please be sure to de-identify all patient information and do not share any confidential information (name, etc.) when presenting your case during the ECHO session.

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