VCU Psychology Department's Committee for the Promotion of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (PrEDI) will host the last webinar in the "Getting into Psychology Graduate School" series: "MONEY: How to fund your applications & support yourself through PhD"

The webinar will take place on May 15, 3 PM (Eastern Standard Time US time zone) on Zoom. Here is the link:

In this webinar, we will discuss the topic that's rarely discussed in academia: money. We will share how much you will spend and earn throughout a psychology PhD program, from application to graduation, including:

  • Application budget and hot to cut your application expenses
  • PhD students' sources of funding and what you will be doing as a Teaching or Research Assistant
  • How much you can earn during PhD and what are some hidden expenses
  • How to negotiate your PhD student salary
  • How to get major grants and fellowships
  • What are other external funding sources
  • How much you will make after PhD as a postdoc and (fingers crossed) professor
The panelists are: Polina Beloborodova (VCU Social Psychology PhD Student), Stephen Gibson (VCU Developmental Psychology PhD Stedent), Melissa Avila and Nabila Fahrin Jahan (VCU Clinical Psyschology PhD Students), and Hadley Rahrig (U Wisconsin-Madison Postdoc, VCU Social Psychology PhD Alumna).
This series of events is for everyone, but we specifically would like to provide support to applicants from minoritized racial and ethnic groups, international students, those with visible and invisible disabilities, first generation students and other people who did not have a chance to absorb the 'hidden curriculum' of grad school.
VCU Psychology Department's Committee for the Promotion of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (PrEDI)
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