Getting into grad school can be a daunting task, especially for international applicants, first generation college students, and for people marginalized by race, ethnicity, gender, or other identities. In this "Getting into Psychology Graduate School" online and in-person workshop series, speakers with various identities will share their experience of preparing and applying for graduate programs in psychology.

We start the series on March 2, 3 PM with a panel discussion with VCU grad students from psychology and related disciplines (e.g., social and behavioral health). During this panel discussion we will talk about the challenges that we faced on our way to grad school and answer questions from the audience. Then, based on this discussion, we will select the topics of the subsequent events to make them more relevant and practical for you.

This series of events is for everyone, but we specifically would like to provide support to applicants from minoritized racial and ethnic groups, international students, those with visible and invisible disabilities, first generation students and other people who did not have a chance to absorb the 'hidden curriculum' of grad school.
VCU Psychology Department's Committee for the Promotion of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (PrEDI)
In-person location:
SGA Senate Chambers, University Student Commons, 907 Floyd Ave
Zoom link:
Please leave your contact details below if you would like to receive information about our further events on getting to psychology-realted graduate programs.
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