The purpose of the Humanitarian and Global Surgery Committee initially is to account for all global surgery activities from surgeons, surgical providers, and surgical trainees within the state of Virginia with the aim to build a database that can serve for networking and resources for collaboration.

Once we have determined who the main stakeholders in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the committee will work to define and provide structure and guidelines for competency-based activities in global surgery.

Additionally, we the committee will study the disparities in the state of Virginia to potentially apply lessons learned abroad to improve access to surgical care.

We invite you to participate in this voluntary survey for the Virginia Chapter of the ACS. Providing your name is NOT mandatory. All data collected and used in research will be de-identified. If you provide your name and email address, we will be able to connect you with others doing similar work as you. By filling out this survey, you are consenting for use of this data. 

Edgar B. Rodas, MD, FACS
Daniel Lollar, MD, FACS


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