Online world language education is a rapidly emerging field. Currently, no national data repository exists regarding its design, development and deployment. This survey from the BOLDD Collaboratory, thanks to your input, will gather baseline data on post-secondary online language programs in the United States. It targets basic, that is elementary (first-second year) curricula although there are questions relevant to upper level and special purpose language courses. In some institutions, the survey may need input from a variety of departments (eg., separate language departments). Where one survey participant responds across languages, generalized questions about teacher preparation, assessments, and such, will have to reflect--as much as this is possible--the broader institutional policies and realities.

There are only 10 required questions. Answering just these will take no more than 5 minutes. However, readied with your program information, you should be able to finish the entire survey in around 20 minutes. The more you answer, the better our data. You can save and return to the survey as needed. To save and return simply click the 'Save & Return Later' button on the survey page. It allows you to save your progress and return where you left off. You will be give a validation code, which you will be required to enter in order to continue the survey.

The last question asks you to provide information on colleagues to help widen the reach of this instrument and increase the value of the data. If you think you may finish the survey close to the October 10 deadline, would you please either pass the link ( to such colleagues or email me their names as soon as possible:

Updating graphic representations of collected data will be accessible on the site once at least ten (10) responses have been collected. Access to the data (except identifiers) will be available as soon as I have reviewed it.

Please make every effort to complete the survey by midnight October 10, 2014.

Thank you!

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