As part of VCU's new branding initiative I'm working on a timetable to add the new seal to websites within the College of Humanities and Sciences. I need to be sure I have a comprehensive list of our websites to begin that process. I also want to create a list of websites that need to be updated or redesigned.

Please take this survey only if you are the person responsible for maintaining a website within the College of Humanities and Sciences. If you have a site that is not being maintained please take the survey and note that no one is currently updating the site in the comment section at the end.

The survey only takes a few minutes to complete. If you maintain more than one site for your school or department, please complete the survey for each site you maintain. If any programs, instructors, research groups or other entities within your school or department also maintain their own websites please forward the link to them as well.

Thank you,

Gregg Johnson

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