Each year, VCU ASPiRE offers faculty members from all disciplines the opportunity to become engaged with ASPiRE students and staff. These programs are open to all VCU full-time and part-time faculty members. Please e-mail the program (aspire@vcu.edu) with any questions.

ASPiRE Faculty Fellows Program

The ASPiRE Faculty Fellows Program seeks to enhance the learning environment of ASPiRE by engaging VCU faculty members from a wide variety of academic disciplines in ongoing interactions with ASPiRE students, staff and community partners.

ASPiRE Faculty Fellows commit to work with the ASPiRE program for one academic year. Fellows agree to:

• attend one Faculty Fellows meeting per semester

• provide consistent updates on programming needs to ASPiRE staff

• provide a minimum of 12 hours per year (e.g., 6 hours per semester) of programming for ASPiRE students, staff or community fellows. These hours may involve, but are not limited to, activities such as guest lectures in classes, student and/or staff workshops, reflection discussions, community-based activities, etc.

VCU faculty members who wish to be selected as ASPiRE Faculty Fellows must complete an application outlining their community engagement experiences and expertise as well as their proposed plan for 12 hours of ASPiRE programming. Prospective applicants are welcomed to consult with the ASPiRE director about their programming ideas prior to submitting an application.

Fellowships are 9-month appointments from August to May of the academic year. Fellows receive $500 per year in professional development funds paid as a single budget transfer to their academic departments. Fellows may also qualify for additional funding for programming expenses. Between three and six Faculty Fellows will be funded each year. Upon successful completion of their first year, fellows may apply for and serve one additional fellowship year.

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