PLEASE NOTE: As of January 1, 2022, service agreements are no longer accepted for clinical trial/clinical research service requests. If you are requesting services for a clinical trial or clinical research study, please complete the VCUHS New Research Study Intake Form ( in lieu of the service agreement request.

**This form is still utilized for CARI, TDAAC, and Pathology (non-clinical trials/research studies) service agreement request(s).**

Through a partnership with the VCU Health System and VCU, a standardized fee schedule has been developed. This fee schedule will be updated yearly and distributed prior to the February 1 effective date. CMS rates will be used for non-industry studies and 150% of CMS rates will be used for industry studies. Ancillaries will be required to utilize these fixed rates to provide study teams with service agreements and quotes.

If you have any questons concerning the use of the Request for VCU Health System Clinical, Nursing and Ancillary Support Services, please contact Clinical Research at (804) 828-9227 or

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