• Hello, Richmond! is a community-driven children’s book about growing up in Richmond, Virginia. Hello, Richmond! encourages a love of reading, community pride, ​and a sense of belonging among children and families. This inclusive project will reflect Richmond, Virginia's cultural diversity.
  • The Hello, Richmond! team is holding a Children’s Book Illustration Competition; the winner will receive a $3000 contract to illustrate the Hello, Richmond! book in its entirety
  • We are taking an unexpected but necessary pause in fundraising for the Hello, Richmond! initiative. This pause is not reflective of the support - financial and otherwise - that we've received for this project, which has been enormous.
  • The book will be written and designed based on input from a community survey.
  • The book will be bilingual, printed in Spanish and English, and published by Richmond-based Brandylane Publishers.
  • The awarding of the contract is dependent on the success of the fundraiser.


  • Open to illustrators at least 18 years of age.
  • It is preferred that illustrators be local to Richmond, but this is not required. The application will ask about your connections to the City of Richmond.
  • Partnerships of more than one illustrator are eligible for submission but one person must be identified as the point of contact. If selected as the winner, the compensation total ($3000) will not change and will be divided equally among partners.

Instructions for Entering the Hello, Richmond! Children’s Book Illustration Competition

  • All competition entries are processed through our online competition system; do not submit via email or hardcopy.
  • Before you begin the submission process, please have the following information and materials ready:
    • Your contact information for registration and notification
    • Website and/or portfolio links
    • Social media handles, particularly Instagram
    • References, if available
    • Your connection to the City of Richmond; it is not required that you be local to Richmond, but your connection to the city will be considered
    • Any other info you’d like to include
    • Digital file of work you want to submit
      • 1 illustration featuring a Richmond area, landmark, recurring local event, or location
      • Your illustration can be in any medium suitable for printing reproduction, in color or black and white.
      • Must be in JPG, PNG, or PDF format with a maximum size of 256 MB


  • Contract to complete the illustrations for the Hello, Richmond! children’s book
  • $3000, paid in installments, dependent upon completion of all illustrations
    • Illustrations must meet publisher’s and printer’s requirements
    • Illustration content (e.g. city locations and landmarks) will be selected by the Hello, Richmond! team.
  • Illustrations will be featured in the Hello, Richmond! book; your name will be accredited as the book’s illustrator.

Book Specifications:

  • Board book format
  • Front and back cover illustrations plus 20 pages' worth of interior illustrations
  • 6” x 6”

Entry Fee

  • There is no entry fee. We do not want a fee to prohibit anyone from entering. However, if Hello, Richmond! is a project you believe in and would like to support, please make a tax deductible donation to the crowdfunding campaign. Fill out the Community Survey. Share some info about Hello, Richmond! with your network. This book depends on community support. Together, we can make this book happen!


  • Tuesday-October 22, 2019 - Fundraiser and Community Survey Launch
  • Tuesday-November 12, 2019 - Children’s Book Illustration Competition Opens
  • Additional details regarding the timeline will be released at a later date; timeline is dependent on the pace and success of the fundraiser, which is currently on pause.

Selection Process

  • The winner will be selected by the Hello, Richmond! team, which is comprised of Brandylane Publishers staff and other community members.


Paula Ogston-Nobile, PhD


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